Bank Card Debt Collection

By Oct 11, 2015
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NRC has been collecting Bankcard Debt since shortly after opening its doors for business in 1991. When you start working with us, expect an experienced staff. We'll start by understanding your unique needs, help set new goals and work to exceed your expectations. We've spent over 15 years helping consumers resolve their obligations with respect through good compliant collection services.


Experienced in Bankcard Debt

Nations Recovery Center is unique to many agencies as we employ teams of collectors focused only on Bank Card Debt Collections. This market segment focus provides us the opportunity to recover a significantly higher liquidation than previously experienced from other resources.

Working with NRC

When you begin sending accounts to NRC we'll start working with your consumers within 48 hours of placement. There is no upfront cost to service your accounts. Together we will establish a contingency fee that works for your budget. If no debt is recovered, there is no cost to you.

Bankcard Collection Service

As one of the top agencies recovering bankcard debt, we service some of the nation's largest financial institutions. NRC collects accounts at various stages in the revenue cycle after charge-off: primary, secondary, and tertiary. We do not work out of statute paper. NRC is a mid-sized agency, which we feel is an advantage to our customers as we have the ability to focus on the needs of each client. Decisions and resolutions are achieved quickly in our organization. This hands-on approach is one of the keys to our success.

  • Pre Charge-Off Debt Recovery
  • Primary Debt Collection
  • Secondary Debt Collection
  • Tertiary Debt Collection

Set Expectations When Working with Us

We have your best interest in mind. Our mission is to establish a long term relationship and provide ethical treatment of your customers past and present while increasing your profitability.


  • All accounts are worked within 24 - 48 hours of placement.
  • Proven performance in Bankcard Bad Debt Recovery.
  • Financial stability with 20 years in business.
  • Bankcard clients work personally with Senior Management.
  • Single contact via an assigned client service liaison.
  • Direct access to collections software to track progress.
  • Nationwide coverage, licensed in all 50 states.
  • State of the art technology utilizing Latitude collections software.
  • Flexibility of a Mid-Sized Agency capitalizing on changing strategy to match portfolio.
  • Focused on security (SAS70 Phase I) and compliance (Member of ACA).


Get A Quote

Please provide us your information and we will have a quote for collection services provided to you in 24 hours or less. NRC does not charge fees upfront. We are only compensated when we recover your lost revenue. Thank you for your considering Nations Recovery Center. Your information is protected. NRC never shares our clients information with any third party.

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